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Tahiti Location Provides More Than Just A Background For The First IMAX! Thearter Film To Document The Ultimate Wave
February 1 2010

Rich in culture, beauty and history, the French Polynesia venue plays a key role in the telling of the story


Location, location, location.  That phrase is regularly attributed to astute property investors, but its real truth is visually driven home when seen as the giant screen venue for the upcoming IMAX! theater film, The Ultimate Wave Tahiti.


The islands of this Polynesian paradise, nestled in the South Pacific a mere eight hours from the West Coast and in the same time zone as Hawaii, provided the perfect backdrop for an exploration of the way ocean waves affect the lives and cultures of the people they touch.  Nine- time surfing champion Kelly Slater teams with Tahitian big wave surfer Raimana Van Bastolaer, as the story of the famous Teahupo’o wave unfolds for giant screen audiences.


Revered by surfers worldwide, though few may be capable of tackling its strength and power, Teahupo’o is a one-of-a-kind wave. It is the most dangerous and perfect wave to be found anywhere, and film director Stephen Low employs the two well-known surfers to tell its story in a manner that is engaging, educational, and entertaining.


Intertwined with the story of a wave’s birth and ultimate trip to its final destination, the story of Tahiti’s culture and mythical lore play a role in helping theater audiences grasp the true beauty of the island location and the shores that meet its crystal blue surroundings.


Long seen as the perfect honeymoon location, Tahiti is much more than an ideal special event destination.  It’s a rare combination of volcanic rock islands jutting thousands of feet from the ocean floor and adjacent reefs providing a home to underwater lives soon to be seen on the eight-story high screens in the world’s IMAX and other giant screen theaters.


The underwater filming done by Stephen Low and his crew provides the antithetical visuals to the majestic beauty of the cresting Teahupo’o wave ridden by Slater and Van



The Ultimate Wave Tahiti will enthrall audiences with director Low’s story-telling that is supplemented by animated characterizations of the millions of years of transformation depicting the island chain’s rise from the depths to become one of the most evocative and most sought after destinations in the world.  To many, it is merely the location found in famous novels, to others the carrot at the end of a dangling incentive stick.  To surfers around the globe, however, it is nothing less than an Everest equivalent.


Surfing insiders have designated this wave as truly unique; accessible to only a handful of skilled individuals. And in its threatening uniqueness lies the beauty and power that make this an ultimate.


Known as “the Mayor of Teahupo’o,” Van Bastolaer plays the perfect host to Slater’s worldly persona as surfer extraordinaire and man about town. Together, they form a bond that is communicated in the film’s 43-minute duration, yet few would know that their relationship existed mainly on a long-distance basis before filming began.


Tahiti, its culture, its beauty, and its all-encompassing historical relevance to so much of what this film addresses, is the ultimate location.


According to director Low, “we’ll make many more films in the coming years, but we’ll never again find a place this close to heaven. The surfers told us, and we’ve all become converts.”






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