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April 13 2017

PAPATEE, TAHITI – April 13, 2017 – There are more reasons to explore The Islands of Tahiti in 2017, and to island-hop the legendary islands, atolls and motus, as a plethora of dynamic events celebrating the French Polynesian culture and heritage are there to be experienced. The following is snapshot of happenings which incorporate the very best of Tahitian mana, the French Polynesian life force that embraces us all: 
  • 14th Edition of the Tahiti Pearl Regatta (Raiatea, Huahine and Tahaa, May 23rd – 27th) – In its 14th year, the Tahiti Pearl Regatta (TPR) is an intense, diversified sailing race and this fun sailing rendez-vous takes place between three of the Leeward Islands.  The race itinerary is different every year and this year, participants will consecutively sail through the islands of Raiatea, Bora Bora and Taha’a. The TPR is open to all with no limitation in the number of participants and to any kind of sailing boats including single hull, catamaran, trimaran, sailing outrigger canoe, private sailing boats, charter sailing boats, transiting boats during a transpacific crossing, spectator boat etc. with no size limitation. A “pro” challenge is also arranged for boats displaying their sponsors’ image when on the water. In 2016, the TPR attracted 324 participants including round the world rally boats such as World Arc and crew members from Japan, the USA and St. Tropez.
  • Tahiti Fashion Week (June 14th – 16th) - Tahiti Fashion Week is a unique presentation of French Polynesian culture and local craftsmen and designers. Over 30 local artists and designers are featured annually.
  • World Va’a Outrigger Canoe Race (June 27th – 30th June) - The International Va’a Federation is organizing the very first world edition of Va’a long distance race in Tahiti. This new competition will see Polynesian outrigger canoe races competing every couple of years to become the International Federation World champions of long distance va’a racing. The event will be held in Taanoe Bay in Pirae on the island of Tahiti. Junior, open and master categories will be available to men and women.
  • Heiva i Tahiti (July 6th – 22nd) - One of the most important cultural events in The Islands of Tahiti. This popular community celebration has been a yearly highlight for more than 125 years. In July, visitors are invited to join during events, shows, rituals and contests. The event agenda offers mind-blowing dance shows, songs but also traditional sports. Communities representing the various archipelagos of The Islands of Tahiti gather in Papeete at that time of the year to present their arts, techniques and know-how during handcraft contests and exhibitions.
  • Billabong Pro Tahiti (August 11th – 22nd) - 20 years ago, Teahupoo was hosting the first official edition of a surf contest. At the time, it was called “Black Pearl Horue Pro” and was a stage of the Championship Tour qualifying series. Hawaiian Andy Iron, then only aged 18, won the first edition. The Teahupoo surf spot became famous worldwide later thanks to its massive waves reaching up to 13 feet. Billabong Pro Tahiti has now become the 7th stage of the qualifying World Series. It is one of the most sought-after stages of the championship. Its powerful and dangerous unique waves break on the shallow reef below sea level. Taxi boats are available for rental for those interested in following the event. They will take you to the competition. A boat shuttle service is arranged from Teahupoo marina to Hava’e pass (a five minute ride) where the championship is held.
  • 26th Hawaiki Nui Va’a in Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a and Bora Bora (November 1st - 3rd) - The Hawaiki Nui Va'a is an international contest of Polynesian outrigger canoes (called va’a) where over a hundred canoes gather in November each year starting in Huahine in the Leeward Islands. It is without a doubt the most difficult V6 canoe race in the world with 80 miles to paddle in only three days. The race consists of three stages without crew change in the open ocean and in the lagoon between Huahine-Raiatea / Raiatea-Taha’a and Taha’a-Bora Bora. This is a major sporting event in French Polynesia and attracts teams from all over the world including countries such as France, the USA, New Zealand, Germany and New Caledonia, among many others.
  • 13th Edition of Hura Tapairu (November 24th – December 2nd) - Just like Heiva i Tahiti, Hura Tapairu is a traditional dance contest taking place at the end of each year on the island of Tahiti. However, the contest sets different rules to allow smaller groups to participate. The latter are allowed a wider number of options to prepare for their choreography, themes and songs chosen. Lesser-known groups are therefore offered the opportunity to surprise the audience every year. The event is also an excellent way to gain experience and confidence before moving on to the mythical stage of To’ata for Heiva i Tahiti. The contest has become one of the greatest events in French Polynesia but also a beacon in the world of traditional dance.
  • Marquesas Art Festival (December 18th – 21st) - The Marquesas Art Festival is a cultural event organized periodically in the Marquesas archipelago. Visitors gather from all over the world to attend this festival and its reputation is growing and is often compared with Easter Island’s Tapati Festival. The festival is a celebration of Marquesan and Polynesian cultures through shows and contests ranging from dance, songs, sports, traditional dishes to tattoos, tapas and carvings. The event was initially focused on Marquesan culture before it slowly opened to the other Polynesian archipelagos with the participation of artists from Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Tahiti Easter Island and beyond.
  • IronMana 2017 (November) - This one-of-a-kind concept combines several sporting events aimed at promoting The Islands of Tahiti and their Mana through multi-disciplinary water contests such as the IronMana Bora Bora Liquid Festival, Tahiti Nui Holopuni Channel Crossing and the Waterman Tahiti Tour.
The Bora Bora Liquid Festival will see athletes compete in water related contests such as open water swimming, prone paddle, stand up paddle, kayaking and outrigger canoe races while the Tahiti Nui Holopuni Channel Crossing consists of navigating over 248 miles of ocean onboard a traditional sailing outrigger canoe from Tahiti to Bora Bora through the islands of Moorea, Raiatea, Taha’a and Huahine.
The Waterman Tahiti Tour involves three disciplines, namely stand up paddle boarding, open water swimming and prone paddleboarding.
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