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Tahiti Tourisme North America Launches First Ever Summer Advertising Campaign in North America
June 13 2016

Tahiti Tourisme North America Launches
First Ever Summer Advertising Campaign in North America  
Campaign Utilizes Compelling Native Placements to Showcase the Many Sides of
The Islands of Tahiti

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (June 13, 2016) – Tahiti Tourisme North America launches its first ever summer advertising campaign this week. “Traditionally, we have our primary branding campaigns in the market in the first and fourth quarters, but with the upcoming election and exceptional ongoing interest in The Islands of Tahiti, we wanted to take advantage of the momentum in the marketplace this summer, setting the stage for increased visitors to the islands this fall into Q1 of 2017,” said Jonathan Reap, managing director, Tahiti Tourisme North America.
The campaign will focus on print and digital channels in the North American market with a heavy emphasis on native advertising. Native media partners include Robb Report and Travelzoo. Travel trade placement is also an integral part of the campaign.
This past January, Tahiti Tourisme introduced the concept of Mana globally through a new integrated advertising and branding campaign. Tahitians believe Mana to be the life force and spirit that surrounds and connects all living things. The branding platform, “Embraced by Mana” highlighted the many sides of The Islands of Tahiti by blending iconic imagery and unique Tahitian culture. The summer campaign launched in North America will continue this story with new imagery and additional stories about the many sides of The Islands of Tahiti.
The campaign serves to build awareness and reinforce The Islands of Tahiti as a culturally rich and authentic destination coupled with the private world-class experiences travelers are seeking. The campaign showcases the duality and diversity of the destination, serving to differentiate The Islands of Tahiti from other competitive destinations around the world.  
About Tahiti Tourisme North America
Tahiti Tourisme North America (TTNA) is the DMO (Destination Marketing Office) for the country of French Polynesia, more commonly known as The Islands of Tahiti. As the DMO for The Islands of Tahiti, TTNA oversees all marketing, advertising, public relations, promotions, events and travel advisor programs conducted throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. TTNA works regularly with airline, cruise line, hotel, resort, tour operator, travel advisor and consortia partners from prospective business development to product launch and ultimately into marketing initiatives in North America. 
About The Islands of Tahiti
Located in the South Pacific, The Islands of Tahiti are just eight hours by air from Los Angeles. Surrounded by pristine, crystal clear blue waters, the 118 islands and atolls offer natural beauty, authentic island culture, and unique French Polynesian style. The Islands of Tahiti are world-renowned for their white-sand beaches, stunning turquoise lagoons and varied landscapes ranging from coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks. Each island offers a variety of accommodation experiences from luxurious resorts with overwater villas, to family pensions to sailing via private charter or scheduled cruise. Privacy comes naturally in The Islands of Tahiti and offers visitors the space to relax and reconnect and to be embraced by Mana. Mana is the life force and spirit that connects all things in The Islands of Tahiti. Tahiti is halfway between California and Australia, on the same side of the International Date Line as North America and in the same time zone as Hawaii. For further information, visit or call (310) 414-8484.



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For further information, please contact the Tahiti Tourisme Public Relations Team:

Cait Langley
Communications Coordinator
Ph: (310) 414-8484 ext 222
Fx: (310) 414-8490


For all articles, please list the following contact information for the official Destination Marketing Office for the islands of Tahiti in North America:

Tahiti Tourisme North America
9841 Airport Blvd, Suite 1120
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone: (310) 414-8484
Fax: (310) 414-8490

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Cait Langley
Communications Coordinator
Ph: (310) 414-8484 ext 222
Fx: (310) 414-8490

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