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The Islands of Tahiti Score Top Rankings in U.S. News & World Report “Best Vacations” Lists
July 13 2016

 The Islands of Tahiti Score Top Rankings in
 U.S. News & World Report “Best Vacations” Lists
EL SEGUNDO, Calif.  – July 13, 2016 – The Islands of Tahiti received top rankings in several “Best Vacations” categories recently released by U.S. News & World Report and the magazine’s “Best Vacations” rankings.
The legendary island of Bora Bora came in #2 in the “Best Islands in the World” category. “Seclusion, sprawling beaches, rolling waves and untouched pockets of wilderness are all credentials to be included among the best islands in the world. According to experts and U.S. News readers, the islands listed here boast a little something that keeps travelers enchanted,” noted U.S. News & World Report editors.
And Bora Bora came in a very impressive #3 in the “World’s Best Places to Visit” category with only Paris and the Great Barrier Reef ranking above. According to U.S. News & World Report editors, “With a world full of fascinating destinations, choosing the perfect vacation spot can present a challenge. That’s why U.S. News used expert opinions, user votes and current trends to compile this list. We hope these recommendations can help you craft your travel bucket list.”
Additional top rankings include:
Best Honeymoon Destination” – Bora Bora and Tahiti #2 and #5
Best Beaches in the World” – Bora Bora #2
 “Most Luxurious Honeymoon Destination” – Bora Bora #2 and Tahiti #6
Best Beach Honeymoon” – Bora Bora #3
Most Relaxing Beaches” – Bora Bora #5
The U.S. News & World Report travel rankings are based on an analysis of expert and user opinions. They believe this unbiased approach makes their rankings more useful than simply providing editors' personal opinions.
About The Islands of Tahiti:
Located in the South Pacific, The Islands of Tahiti are just eight hours by air from Los Angeles. Surrounded by pristine, crystal clear blue waters, the 118 islands and atolls offer natural beauty, authentic island culture, and unique French Polynesian style. The Islands of Tahiti are world-renowned for their white-sand beaches, stunning turquoise lagoons and varied landscapes ranging from coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks. Each island offers a variety of accommodation experiences from luxurious resorts with overwater villas, to family pensions to sailing via private charter or scheduled cruise. Privacy comes naturally in The Islands of Tahiti and offers visitors the space to relax and reconnect and to be embraced by mana. Mana is the life force and spirit that connects all things in The Islands of Tahiti. Tahiti is halfway between California and Australia, on the same side of the International Date Line as North America and in the same time zone as Hawaii. For further information, visit or call (310) 414-8484.



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